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Spirit World

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New expanded edition previously published as "Diary of an Urban Shaman"

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Spirit World

This book contains first hand accounts of profound and life-changing interactions with the Spirit World experienced by ordinary people.

Through these true stories Raym unlocks the secrets of the real but invisible spirit world that surrounds us.  He shares  insights, explanations and exercises that reveal the awesome power for good, that can be accessed by every one of us, through Crystal Dreaming™, now.

“Raym is a master story-teller, but more than that, his stories are factual, these things are experienced by real people.

You will not only be entertained by this book, but you will read fascinating details of realms hidden from most of us. One day you may even be able to apply what you learn here in your own life.”

Elizabeth Jewell Stephens, Editor, LivingNow

Alchemy of Crystals
Crystal Dreaming™ the entire advanced crystal healing technique in one easy to read book.

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Updated 2017

Spirit Guide
Your complete guide to the Golden Age
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Updated 2014

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The story behind these books...

The reason these books have come about is due to a spectacular shift in my own perception of reality which took place late in 1994. Up until then I was under the impression that I was a moderately successful, moderately happy artist and that was about it. My wife, and then my daughter, both became Reiki channels (Spiritual healers) and I found I had vague feelings of unease about the "New Age" dismissing it as a lot of "airy fairy nonsense". I did my best to avoid the tag "Sensitive New Age Guy", by assuming the persona of an insensitive middle aged hedonist.

My perception of my chosen reality changed dramatically when whilst at a friends dinner party, I became intrigued by a rare and beautiful ornamental natural crystal. Having never handled this type of crystal before, I was surprised when, after a few minutes, I felt at first gentle and then increasingly powerful physical sensations that were obviously being triggered by my holding the crystal ball. Energy appeared to be moving up my arms and around my body in tingling waves. Up until that point I had dismissed crystals and awareness of their power as flights of fancy, firmly believing that they were an interest for naive people with lots of spare time.

Holding this crystal for about fifteen minutes had a devastating effect on my perception of reality and my awareness of the power of crystals. It changed my life permanently and completely. As the physical sensations became stronger, the ball I was holding felt like it was throbbing or pulsating in my now sweating hands and as I looked at it, it appeared to glow and fill with light which formed itself as a long tunnel opening inside the crystal.

By this time I was feeling a mixture of awe, disbelief and some apprehension, and my body was visibly vibrating. My friends had noticed my preoccupation with the ball and my physical state and were beginning to wonder why I was staring wide eyed into what appeared to them to be a plain glass ball.

The face of my deceased mother appeared clearly before me reassuring me that everything was OK.

Feeling like I was about to dive off a cliff I took a deep breath and allowed my awareness to be drawn down this tunnel of light. I traveled at speed until I suddenly popped out into a beautiful place full of golden white light, an exquisitely peaceful and harmonious place. As I emerged I was greeted by cheers, laughter and above all else, waves of overpowering love. I burst into tears.

What a spectacular spiritual awakening! This was my first conscious connection since birth with my own higher guidance, my spiritual friends and teachers who are not incarnated in bodies at this time. I was overwhelmed, startled and somewhat confused. I found myself in direct communication with Spirit Beings that I did not believe in and had not consciously been trying to contact. Spirit Beings I had considered, up until that point, a figment of other peoples imagination and like fortune telling, a pastime for the easily led.

I am not easily led, and there I was crying like a baby trying to explain to my friends just what was happening to me. I remained fully conscious of the three-dimensional reality around me and for the next few hours relayed information from my friends on the Spiritual plane to my friends on the Earth plane. I also received some loving, direct and very illuminating guidance, some basic spiritual instruction and reassurance that I was not losing my grasp of reality - just expanding it.

So my own spiritual journey began. I acquired a similar crystal and on returning home spent hours sitting with it attempting to reestablish contact with my discarnate spiritual friends. This contact, when it happened, like the first, was unexpected and not consciously planned, startling both myself and those around me.

By this time my curiosity was fully aroused, and I was trying to find out as much as I could about crystals and how they work. On examining some crystals in a retail outlet my consciousness shifted spontaneously and I proceeded to manifest telekinetic powers, as once again I became fully aware of my friends in the Spirit World. What happened surprised and startled me as much as the staff in a crystal shop, which had to be closed to the public for whilst I went through this experience. Some of the shop staff have since become firm friends.

This episode led me into a very intense three day period of initiation and education. I remained in an "altered state", bi-locating for this period receiving instruction about Karma, Life and Death, the situation on this planet, the imminent shift in mass consciousness and my own purpose in incarnating at this time. All of which was news to me! I had, until that point, no interest in spirituality, the "New Age" or the impending Earth changes. In fact I had no idea that there were impending Earth changes!

My wife and daughter having already started on their own spiritual path understood what was happening to me and nurtured and supported me over the following weeks and months. Without their love and light I may have "lost the plot" altogether. I Thank you both with all my heart.

My path unfolded over the following months and years as I explored crystals and their power. I "remembered" skills from past lives and realised my own ability as a healer and master teacher. I was plunged almost immediately into "clearing" or "rescue work", going through one bizarre and intense initiation after another.

My life has on occasions unfolded like the plot of a Hollywood sci-fi movie, with some incredible experiences, wild special effects, outrageous characters and twists and turns in the plot that are definitely unpredictable and almost unbelievable. I have remembered and developed Crystal Dreaming™ a specialised crystal healing technique which enables others to access an "altered state" safely, with ease and grace. I have discovered much through personal experience. I maintain a healthy skepticism about the work that I'm involved in, rarely accepting anyone's word for anything until I experience it firsthand. I heartily recommend you do the same, with an open heart and mind. Your own personal experience will always be your best teacher.

These books are a beginning and one of the jobs I have to do. Spirit Guide is structured as a guide for those wishing to explore their own personal growth and experience our emerging reality. Alchemy of Crystals comprises the entire Crystal Dreaming™ system in a book for those who are unable to study with me personally. Both are written in an easy to read step by step style.

You may be aware and on a path of spiritual development choosing to explore other realities; you may be at the start of your path, "knowing" something is happening to you and the Planet but not really understanding it. Or like me, you may have been plunged spontaneously into an altered state of awareness and wish to know just what, exactly, is going on?

In these books I lead you into an area that is diverse, apparently unstructured and full of paradoxes, these books are intended as a tool to help those choosing a path of personal growth and planetary healing. Everything I write about relates to my own personal experience. I'm not interested in leading anyone "up the garden path". Everything I write about is true and can be experienced by anyone willing to drop dogma and boldly go where they haven't been before. I don't mind skepticism, it's healthy, so long as it leads to further personal exploration, rather than dismissal of challenging concepts.

Are you ready for a challenge? Are you ready for a change?

I wish these books to serve all human beings on their journey home to light.

Love and Light always.


Spring Equinox, September 2001