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We support humanity's evolution into light and peace through love-based activities and services.
We wish to assist your journey into full awareness of the divine and beautiful being of light that you are.
As multi-dimensional beings of limitless consciousness, we create the reality we choose, now.
We hope you enjoy visiting our site.
Blessings, Love and Light,
Raym and Chicchan

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Crystal Dreaming courses

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Twenty eight true stores.
Now available as a free ebook!

Free MP3 Guided Meditation
Short personal cleansing and protection meditation, practice twice daily, morning and evening or use in any challenging situation.
Extended version includes creation of surrounding sacred space, suitable for groups or clearing a bedroom prior to sleep. 7.3MB

CD Inner Temple
Two half hour tracks combine singing bowls, toning, bells and tone chimes For a free 5min hi-fi sample download of this CD in a selection of formats click here
CD Crystal Dreaming
45 uninterrupted minutes of nine crystal singing bowls. For a free 4min hi-fi sample download of this CD in a selection of formats

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Alchemy of Crystals
The advanced crystal healing technique Crystal Dreaming™ revealed in detail, a complete healing system in one book.

Available as a discounted ebook through Smashwords, Kindle and ibooks.


Spirit Guide
An ideal guide book for the Golden Age, full of useful information, affirmations and meditation
Updated 2008
Available as a FREE ebook through Feedbooks, Smashwords
Kindle and ibooks.